pink-saltHave you ever wanted to wrap your spa experience in a to-go bag and take it home? My most memorable indulgence was a full-body facial of melted chocolate. And it was oh, so decadent. It took all my restraint not to lick it off. When I asked the attendant what else was in it, she just winked and smiled. The kind of demure gesture that conveyed, proprietary secret.

Once I got home, I headed straight in the kitchen to create my own chocolate body facial and body butter. That’s when Botanique Bath & Body Collection was born. My personal vision of Botanique was to transform my bathroom into a serene environment to enhance and stimulate the senses, soothe the mind, body, and soul while inviting the creative spirit to blossom. All this may ring reminiscent of those Calgon “take me away” commercials, but empowerment begins with the soul.  And with Spring in the air and summer a whisper away, you, too, can empower your skin’s natural beauty and get your glow-on with these easy to make, nature-inspired, botanical facial/body-polishers and body butter.


Bot lav         IMG_2443         IMG_2465

           Lavender Body Butter                        Mocha Facial Polish         Peppermint Body Polish