White Chocolate, Lavender Body Butter

Bot lavReplenish your skin with this nourishing and hydrating body butter infused with rosehip oil to increase cellular turnover. Once a well-kept beauty secret to women of the South Pacific, coconut oil is now used as an emollient in beauty products throughout the world today. Cacao butter acts as a natural sunscreen to protect against UV damage, and the added lavender essential oil is an antimicrobial for wound healing, acne, and other skin related infections. Rubbed onto the scalp before shampooing, it is an excellent pre-shampoo conditioner.  

Recipe notes: What you will need: Saucepan, bowl, whisk, and container for storing. Active prep time: 15-minutes. Inactive time 8-hours. Yields-48-oz Difficulty level: Easy. Use daily as part of your beauty routine.


22-oz coconut oil

12-oz deodorized cacao wafers

5-oz rose-hip oil


1 1/2 -tsp lavender essential oil


  1. Heat oils in a saucepan and add cacao wafer, occasionally whisking to melt. Pour melted cacao mixture into a bowl and refrigerate till set (overnight).
  2. Next day: In the bowl of a stand-up mixer (if using hand mixer divide butter in half or quarters and whip in batches.
  3. Add lavender oil and whip till light and fluffy
  4. Scoop into the desired container for immediate use.
  5. Store remaining butter in the refrigerator