It wasn’t that long ago—maybe a hundred and fifty years—when merchants combed the spice gardens of India and the Middle East, gathering the essences that are so readily available today. To purchase something as exotic as vanilla from Madagascar, cinnamon from Shri Lanka or ginger from China would’ve fetched a king’s ransom.  Nowadays, you might very well pay that for artisan spice blends in gourmet shops. But you don’t have to. Now you can blend your own. You probably already have most of the ingredients on-hand.

kitchen-essencecurry-e1464709699933 moroccan

Kitchen Essence                           Curry Spice Blend                          Moroccan Seasoning


Garam Masala

rec_salts      chili     italian-dressing

    Salt Fusions                           Chili Season Mix           Faux “Good Seasons” Salad Dressing

herbsdeprovence.jpg    pumpkin     aglio-olio

Herbs de Provence                        Apple & Pumpkin Pie               Aglio Olio e Peperoncino