What makes our body so phenomenal besides its healing power; is how highly organized the population of almost 100 trillion cells are. As a global population of eight billion people, we can barely organize a disaster coalition, and yet the body is extremely tuned to its biosphere functioning with pinpoint precision and delivery. If an invasion arises, an army of cells are dispatched in a microsecond to attend to the situation. Nine organs make up the human body, each with its own commander in chief and battalion of cells. Think of them as countries within a united nation. They don’t sit around a table in a situation room discussing who is at fault. The liver doesn’t quarrel with the kidney and colon. They band together and take action to eliminate the problem. That’s their job! The liver has the toughest job of all. It plays double duty acting as a filter and utility dispatcher. Everything we consume eventually ends up at the door of the liver to be sorted and packaged before being sent out, like a FED-EX depot. Every organ has an address, and each nutrient fuel package has an assigned recipient. Within the bloodstream are carrier cells. Their job is to deliver these packages to their destination. The body does all this without us even thinking about it. Now that is an efficient machine.

However, where we get into trouble is when we gum up the works with processed foods and toxic substances. When the liver becomes overwhelmed with filtering toxins, it can’t do its other job effectively, and our bodies suffer. The only way I was able to take back control of my body was when I took control over the food choices I made.