img_2012There I go tartin’ it up again. If it looks like pizza and smells like pizza, well then, damn it! It’s pizza!  GF-puff pastry pizza that is And by the way, the Italian peperoncino seasoning I added to the vegan parmesan, has the same herbs and spices used to make Italian sausage.  So in a way, I’m having my cake—or in this case, pizza—and eating it, too. Who said pizza had to be made with wheat flour and topped with meat and cheese. This is a gourmet pizza. And if Wolfgang Puck can revolutionize pizza, then by George, so can I. The puff pastry was lying around in my freezer waiting to be turned into something wonderfully delicious. Since I wasn’t in the mood for dessert and had a few Roma tomatoes hanging out along with some leftover pesto, I said, why not? So there you have it, gourmet pizza on the fly.

Recipe notes: What you will need: Foil lined sheet pan. Active prep time 5-minutes. Total cooking time 1-hour. Yields 4-servings or cut into squares and serve as hors d’ oeuvres. Difficulty level: Easy




Thaw pastry in the refrigerator.

  1. Preheat oven to 425.
  2. Line baking sheet with foil. Remove thawed puff pastry and carefully unwrap and place it on a baking sheet.
  3. Transfer to refrigerator till the oven is thoroughly heated.
  4. Lower oven temperature to 35o and partially bake the pastry for 30-40 minutes or till golden brown Tip: Do not open the oven door for the first 10-minutes of baking. This is the window of time when the pastry puffs.
  5. Remove pastry from oven and cool on wire rack.


  1. Spread a thin layer of pesto evenly over crust and arrange sliced tomatoes.
  2. Return pizza to oven and bake for an additional 30-minutes.
  3. Stack basil and cigar roll. Starting at the tip, slice basil into thin ribbons. Drizzle pizza with balsamic reduction and sprinkle with topping and basil.