Limilla, Tequilla


Recipe notes: What you will need: 1-qt Mason jar, very sharp paring knife, and strainer. Active time peeling and trimming pith, 1 hour. Inactive time: 30-60 days for infusion. Difficulty: Easy-moderate. Yields 750ml.



  • 20-lrg limes, peeled, pith (white part) removed
  • 750ml-white tequilla



  • Wash limes thoroughly.
  • Using sharp paring knife, peel limes, being careful to avoid white part. What ever white part remains needs to be peeled away as seen in picture (2-3). Otherwise, if left, pith (white under of skin) will cause the tequilla to become bitter.
  • Hold sharp edge of knife at a slight 90 degree angle between pith and skin, and shave pith in strips. It may take a few tries to remove it entirely. I know what a tedious task it is— having made several of these citrus infusions—which is why I turn on the stereo and take a sit at the kitchen table with a small cutting board for this project. But In the end, it’s worth it to put out a quality product. Something you will be proud to pour, and display as your personal reserve.
  • Collect peelings and place in Mason jar


  • Push peelings to bottom of jar with food processor plunger.
  • Pour in tequilla making sure peelings are completely submerged.
  • Secure lid, and store in pantry to infuse.
  • Juice limes and pour into ice-cube trays
  • Freeze and transfer cubes to ziplock bag and reserve for mixer.

30-60 Days later

Strain infusion and transfer to desired bottle.