The Pantry

A well-stocked pantry is every chef’s secret arsenal. But truth-be-told, it can also be a toxic wasteland harboring the white powders of death: table salt, white flour, and sugar. So my first order of business was to get my pantry in ship shape. I cleared everything out including the usual suspects of packaged seasoning mixes, refined flour, wheat pasta, white rice, and anything processed. Then replaced the basics with Himalayan salt, Stevia, and gluten-free flour. That didn’t leave much except vinegar, oil, and a plethora of dry herbs and spices.  What did I do with the oil and vinegar, and all those herbs and spices? Well, I put two and two together and came up with some delicious blends that opened up a whole new world of taste sensations I couldn’t wait to share. Economically, it just makes sense to buy the herbs and spices in bulk and make the blends yourself, and, they’re so easy to make. Bouquets of exotic herbs, aromatics, and salt fusions from the spice gardens of India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Morocco are waiting to be discovered in your pantry.

Elevate your senses and accent your dishes with an assortment of colors and flavors to create a feast for the eyes and palette with vinegars, oils, extracts and essences infused with aromatics, fruits, herbs, and florals.