BookcoverI’ve been a bit remiss in posting, though do I have a valid reason. I am writing a memoir Chasing Summer: How many shoes has my soul walked? Yes, that’s right, a memoir; a story about my life that I hope readers will want to devour like a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels. And while recipes and cooking aren’t included in the format, it has consumed my attention from morning till night; and kept me out of the kitchen. So much so, I have to remind myself to stop and eat. That’s what writing does, as I have discovered. It’s an unforgiving mistress and a daunting task master. I hope to savor the fruits of my labor soon. As it stands, I’m pounding the cyber-pavement in search of an agent to champion my endeavor in presenting it to a publisher. Till then, I invite you to sample some of the chapters and I welcome your comments and reviews.