Maggie BlogLadies and gentlemen, we have a guest writer in residence contributing to this blog post. Meet Maggie the dog. Half border collie, half Shepard and 100% character extraordinaire. Maggie is sometimes more human than dog with a personality larger than life. And in her ever inquiring mind, suffers from thumb envy knowing that the only thing separating her from being human is her lack of thumbs. It is a minor setback which is why I have agreed to tell her story through pictures—since she isn’t able to pen the post herself— regarding a recent epiphany she had.

While my friend Gigi is in the hospital undergoing surgery, I am house sitting the pets: Maggie the dog, Voodoo the cat, and Romeo the Conure parrot in between cooking and preparing plant-based, nutrient dense meals as part of Gigi’s recovery when she returns home. And needless to say, the aforementioned have been eyeing me suspiciously since I arrived, most notably, Maggie.

After I strained the stock —to prepare some soup— the colander was overflowing with vegetables that, if I lived on a farm, I might slop the hogs with, or deposit into a composting barrel. Instead, I scooped some into Maggie’s bowl. And this was her reaction:


IMG_2667With ears pinned, her body language dictated that I had just placed something dubious in her bowl. She then looked up at me with that face as if to say: Seriously…you want me to eat… vegetables? After a few guarded sniffs, she devoured them as though they were a composite of steak tartar. Even Romeo, the parrot, flew down to have a look and took a few sips of the electrolyte green smoothie  in between squawking in Maggie’s ear as if to say: Gimme some! IMG_2785Meanwhile, Voodoo’s posture relayed a less than enthusiastic message: Reallydo I look vegan to you? She couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass what everyone else was eating; so long as her twice daily, meaty ration of Friskies “Sauce-Sensations” wasn’t compromised with…vegetables.

Unfortunately, all good things eventually do come to an end. Within a few days, Maggie exhausted her vegetable surplus, and looked down at her naked bowl of Kibble’n Bits this morning as though she had awoken from a surreal dream to discover that only dry ordinary dog food awaited her. She glanced up in disbelief to convey…what’s this..? NowI could’ve told her some long tale of how Voodoo the cat ate her vegetables, but she knew better. No one was pulling the wool over her eyes. No sir. And without further ado, demanded to know: Where’s my vegetables? 


Has Maggie officially jumped the fence and gone vegan? I doubt it. But she has acquired an appreciation for fresh vegetables. Something flavor enhancers inherent in store-bought, processed dog food just can’t produce. Once you’ve crossed over and tasted the “real McCoy”, there’s no going back to processed food.