veg-1Let’s face it. Everyone wants to tool around in their best body. I know I do. We look better and feel sexier. Clothes float with a sassy swagger when we walk down the street. Then something happens. Venus goes into retrograde, and before we know it we’re slipping down the aisle of temptation in the supermarket. Everyone has a red light zone. Mine is the freezer section, that no man’s land of shelved cases where sin awaits, all tarted up in a pint of Haggen Daz ice cream. You may have found yourself in a similar red light zone, and before you’re able to escape you say, “Screw it! I deserve to treat myself!” You grab hold of whatever it is, throw it in the cart, and head to the nearest check-out line. Well, you’re right that you do deserve to treat yourself. You deserve to treat yourself to the best body you can create and don’t have to deny yourself one iota. I don’t just eat to live; I live to eat.

So how can I eat healthy, lose weight, and not feel deprived? Stop feeling guilty when you do treat yourself. Guilt is a construct of conditioning, and D-I-E-T is a four-letter word we have been conditioned to believe is something you go on to go off of. Besides being life sustaining, food is celebratory, and breaking bread is a primordial bond we share with friends and family. How often have you found yourself watching others enjoying their meals while you sit picking at the diet plate in front of you, counting the days when you can rejoin the human race? Well, the first step is stop counting calories. Count nutrients! It’s like money in the bank. Think of them as dividends in a stock portfolio of food, and ask yourself: “How much will I yield from this investment?” Take that lettuce in your salad, for example. What’s it worth in nutrient dividends? Is it iceburg or spinach? Calorically both are equal, which means they’ll cost you the same. But iceburg lettuce has the nutrient value of air; whereas, spinach has the vitamin and mineral equivalent of gold. And if spinach is gold, kale is platinum. Every meal is a choice, an opportunity to increase your bottom line and decrease your waistline. So what’s in your portfolio for dinner tonight?